Omni knows everything about the electronic world he’s been living in for ten years already. He goes on the prowl, he hides between light and shadow, like an efficient predator. Omni knows how to be unnoticeable for the sake of hunting sounds with rigour and discipline, whether they are massive or more trancy.

Omni already has a good number of tracks and remixes in his armory, released with different labels such as Digital Structures, Twisted Frequency, Baroque Records, Absolut Freak Records, Elektrofone Records, 4Play Trax and of course with Tasty Bytes, the label he co-founded with Alice & the Serial Numbers.

Whether it’s in DJ set format or for his Live show, Omni’s sound crosses boundaries, borrowing just as much from techno, from progressive house or from a harder electro sound that has been his trademark for many years.

When he spots preys, Omni changes and becomes merciless. He ruthlessly captivates them with perfect performances and, in an electronic explosion he wreaks havoc everywhere he plays live and can soften his strength and seduce the most delicate and demanding ones when he mixes.


Labels: Baroque Records, Absolut Freak Records, Tasty Bytes Records, Re:Beat Records, Unfused Records, Jester Records, 4Play Trax, Elektrofone Records, Ambiguous Digital, DNT Music