DJ set
‘REG 2014 Podcast’

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1. MANDY -Scifi (Alex Gopher Remix)
2. Marc Romboy – Hypernova
3. Christine – Too Much Not Enough (Claek Remix)
4. Polymorphic – Chicks Love The Car (Attaque Remix)
5. FM Radio Gods – Supernova
6. James Harcourt – Take Me Down In The Name Of Love (Main Mix)
7. Perfect Stranger – Slope (Hedflux Remix)
8. Chevy One & Hanon – Hostage (Meat Katie Mix)
9. Spartaque – Marcel (City Zen Cold Mix)
10. Omni – Robot Dash
11. Mario Chris – Phantom (Weekend Heroes Remix)
12. Jerome IsmaAe – Overdrive


This is a podcast that I recorded in the weeks prior to my DJ set at the Réunion Electronik Groove in 2014.


Currently we have no events.