Various Artists

‘Tasty Bytes 2011′


1. Les Limaces – My Ass Goes Like

2. Controls – Higher (Controls Re Edit Mix)

3. Francis – Warning (1ino1eum Remix)

4. Mr Tools – My Cigarette (Wobbler Remix)

5. Les Limaces – Serotonine (Omni Remix) 

6. Natsuko – Saga & Kanon

7. Francis – Warning (Malcolm Funktion Remix)

8. Noize Invaderz – Shoot the Psycho

9. Controls – Higher (Karasho Remix)

10. Beef Theatre – Teenage Riot

11. Alice & The Serial Numbers – No Bass No Beat No Fun (UDEK Remix)

12. Black Is Not A Colour – Rocchen Roll

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This is the third annual compilation that we put out with Tasty Bytes Records which included our highlights of the third year. My remix of Serotonine by Les Limaces was included on the release.