Debbie Tebbs

‘Modern Talking’


1. Debbie Tebbs – Turbo Love

2. Debbie Tebbs – Stage Fright

3. Debbie Tebbs – Universal Serial Blood feat. Eric Speed

4. Debbie Tebbs – My Robot Friend

5. Debbie Tebbs – USB 2.0 feat. Eric Speed

6. Debbie Tebbs – Me On the Scren feat. DJ Nerve

7. Debbie Tebbs – Triumph feat. Eric Speed

8. Debbie Tebbs & Omni – Your Mom Is A DJ 

9. Debbie Tebbs – The Creep Show

10. Debbie Tebbs – Class of 1982

11. Debbie Tebbs – Don’t Believe the Hype

12. Debbie Tebbs – Miss Bionic feat. Marie-Luce Beland

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Modern Talking is the first album by Montreal DJ and producer Debbie Tebbs. Your Mom Is A DJ is a co-production that we did together and that apears on the album.

We already knew each other from a few years ago when she was running Elektrofone Records. She was actually the first person to sign one of my tracks in 2007. We bumped into each other at a Trentemoller show in Montreal in 2011 and she told me about her upcoming album and how she would like me to remix one of the tracks. I immediately told her that I was interested. She ended up telling me a few days later that we should actually do a full-blown collaboration, which we ended up doing.

The track was produced over the course of a few weeks, with two sessions spent together throwing ideas and a bit of solo work on each side, sending files back and forth over the Internet. At some point, I thought that a guitar track would fit just nicely, so I brought in my father Gérald Côté at my place for a recording session. Dozens of riffs were recorded. I selected only a few bits, edited them to fit exactly the way I wanted and that part actually became an important part of the track, definetly confirming its funky status.