Cirque De Boudoir has been around in Montreal throwing events for about seven years and evolves in a world that exists somewhere between the fetish, burlesque and electronic music scenes. I will have the chance once again to mix at their Halloween party, Goregasm : a night of blasphemy.

One of the things that I like about DJing at these events is that, unlike clubs, raves and electronic music events in general, the DJ is not necessarily the center of attention. Although it has a central role, it is more instrumental into creating a world that mixes  a theme, costumes, music, decorations, crazy performances of all kinds and a sexual tension that emanates from almost everything and everyone you can lay your eyes on. This allows me to explore different kinds of music , often slower and sexualy charged than what I usually play in clubs, but also lets me try to put my musical selection to the service of an atmosphere that is created as much by the participants and their imagination as the music itself. If the DJ is not necessarily the main actor of these parties , it is still worth noting that Cirque de Boudoir certainly recognizes the importance of good music since they regularly book among the best DJs of the Montreal scene, including Mary Hell, Construct, Mini, Frigid, Voytek, Gred Pidcock and Vilify just to name a few.

This is a recording of the set I played at their Halloween party last year.

Another thing I like a lot of these events: the crowd that attends is loyal and motivated. In many cases , those who come to Cirque de Boudoir events come to all of them and demonstrate creativity through costumes that are probably often the result of several weeks of reflection / work. This is just added motivation for the DJ to work on building a fresh set that perfectly matches de mood.

It goes without saying that for organizers for which themes and costumes are central all throughout the year, Halloween is a special event and one of their favorite. This year, the event being held in a church paves the way for a thematic mixing religion and gore, all wrapped in a sex coating: a ticket straight to hell without passing GO or claiming $200 for everyone who attends the event. It should be noted that, as it is Halloween, it is not absolutely required to follow the theme and you can dress up differently, but it is nevertheless required to come with a costume (if not, wearing whatever you would put on in the bedroom to turn on your sweetheart will also do just nicely).

If you want to try something a little edgier this year for Halloween and have fun while being surrounded by all kinds of sexy/beautiful/weird/open/freaky people and dancing to quality electro/techno music, then we’ll see each other on Saturday, October 26th!

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